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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Weeks 4 & 5 of Operation Transformation

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentines Day! Today is Day 40 of Operation Transformation, which means there's only 9 days left of the plan but all of the recipes and exercises will still be available online. Apologies, I didn't manage to get a separate post for week four up so I decided to double it up with week five. I had a bit of a bad week/ 10 days, catching a cold, semester two of college started and I began my teaching practice so I was super busy but unorganised which is not a good combination.

Admittedly I didn't follow the fitness plan properly during weeks four and five, I used the rain and a flu as a bit of an excuse plus I had some damage to my feet that made walking difficult. However, it's a new week now, I'm feeling much better and more organised so my focus for this week will be making sure I find time in my day to exercise. 

I did stick to the food plan though which I find easier in general because I can do some meal prep at the weekend some other tricks to ensure that the easier choice is the healthy choice. For example batch cooking some foods like the soup in the top picture, making a big pot of soup and storing it in a container in the fridge means I don't need to worry about cooking lunch for a few days. Also everywhere I've been going I've taken an apple and some almonds in my bag which me so if i'm delayed or tempted I have some healthy snacks with me. I love these cute little jars because I can throw them in my handbag or lunchbox and they're great for portion control of things like nuts, nut butters, salad dressing,etc.

As you can see above I didn't lose any weight after week four but I didn't gain any either so at least that's something! I think that time of month had a role to play in week four's slump as I was so bloated. To beat the bloat I made sure to avoid salt wherever I could using black pepper instead to add flavour my meals, I upped my water intake again and started drinking peppermint tea after my meals which aids digestion. When I went to Parkrun that Saturday I really hit a wall after having a bad weigh in and it poured rain for the whole 5km, I felt like giving up halfway through but kept going. I was as slow as my first week but I still finished!

During week five I kept concentrating on drinking loads of water and avoiding salt. It worked too and I was delighted to lose 3.5lbs last week. By last Saturday's Parkrun I was back to myself, I actually really enjoyed it and felt great for the rest of the day after it. Next Saturday I will be travelling to Dublin for the final Operation Transformation 5km 2017 in the Phoenix Park. I'm really looking forward to it but remember that your local Parkruns will continue even after OT has finished so keep it up if you've been taking part or if you haven't then why not try it out next Saturday? 

Thanks for reading, I'll be back to tell you all how week 6 is going soon!
A xx

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