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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Week Three of Operation Transformation

Hi Everyone!

If you've been following along with the Operation transformation plan then it's day 21 for you too and we're almost at the halfway mark, so keep going you're all doing fantastic! For my weigh in this week I lost 2.5lbs, I was happy with that because at this stage, any loss is a step in the right direction. 

This week I really upped the effort I was putting into my workouts and I've started walking at a faster pace, I even managed to do some jogging intervals which felt great as I do eventually want to build up to a jog. Last week at my local Parkrun 5km I shaved 1.5 minutes off my time but this week I want to do even better! I'm using the Nike+Run Club app to keep track of my walks and I love it. It's a free app that maps your route and keeps track of your distance, speed, pace, etc.. so you can try to beat your personal best each time you use it making me want to work harder when I walk. Also just to let you know that the OT Phoenix Park 5km is now booked up, if you managed to get a place then I look forward to seeing you there but don't worry if you didn't get a space you can still run or walk at your local Parkrun event on the same day.

In terms of food, for week three all of the dinners on the OT plan were meat free. There was still some white fish but it was primarily a plant based diet this week and I honestly really enjoyed it. Currently the majority of us eat too much meat meaning the demand for meat is very high and has lead to the likes of intensively reared animals. This means the animals have a very poor quality of life but not only that it's bad for our health too when we eat meat that has been heavily processed, which you'll know if you watch the show has been linked to some cancers. Don't get me wrong I love meat and I'm in no way a vegetarian but ever since I have made my own meals I have always enjoyed a couple of "flesh free" meals a week. For me the ideal situation is smaller portions of better quality meat and including alternative protein sources such as eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds  and pulses in my diet.

Finally I just wanted to let you know that this Saturday (28th Jan) Operation Transformation have teamed up with Flahavan's to bring us "FREE Porridge Day". Flahavan's is an Irish company based in Waterford, so close to home for me and they are giving away a bag of oats for free available to every household in Ireland which you can collect in Tesco, EuroSpar, SuperValu and Dunnes. Plus if you post a picture of your Flahavan's porridge on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #OperationOats you're in with a chance of winning a year's supply of Flahavan's Oats! I eat oats almost everyday and they make the best breakfasts in my opinion that keep you full until lunch. If you're stuck for ideas on how to use your oats I will be posting soon about my favourite healthy breakfast ideas so keep an eye out for that. 

That's all for now, thank you for all your support during OT I really appreciate it and if you've missed my previous posts on Operation Transformation you can find them in the "Health" tab. Thank you for reading, have a great week!