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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Operation Transformation Week One

Hi everyone ! 

If you have been following the Operation Transformation plan since it came back last week like me, then well done today is day 10 ! I can't believe we're on day 10 already but don't worry you can still go back and start following from day 1 at any point. 

When I went to the OT assessment day before Christmas my start weight was 18st 13lbs, far too much for my 5ft 5" height. The OT team then called me before the show aired to update my start weight which had gone down by 1lbs at 18st 12lbs. So after a week of following the diet and exercise plan, I now weigh 18st 5.5lbs which makes my weight loss for week one 6.5lbs! I'm delighted with that and it means so far I have a total loss of 7.5lbs.

Personally, I've been really enjoying the food although the portion sizes are smaller than I'm used to. The exercises have been more challenging especially finding the motivation each day to do them but they are very doable. There's exercises for 6 days a week alternating between walking/running and resistance training videos. Yesterday, I finished my first ever 5km in 57mins with Parkrun in my local park. I went with my aunt and met up again with the OT fitness expert Karl Henry and leader Mairead as it's her local run too. I walked because I'm not quite fit enough yet and just got off antibiotics for a chest infection, but I still wasn't last to finish. So it just goes to show Parkrun is for everyone! Find your local run here, they're on a t 9:30 am every Saturday and I hope to improve my time each week.

As I mentioned before in my little catch-up post, I'm following Mairead's food and fitness plan. You can read a little about each of the 5 leaders here and choose one to follow that inspires you, I guarantee you all of them are amazing people and are there to motivate us all to become healthier. Every Wednesday and Thursday on RTE One at 8:30pm you can keep up to date on how the leaders have been finding the plan and follow their weight loss progress. If you've missed the show or are outside Ireland you can always watch them on the RTE Player too.

Keep an eye out for more updates and tips on what's helping me on my Operation Transformation journey, thanks for reading! 


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